Exploring university research through Google Glass

In 2013, Google announced a contest asking tech enthusiasts to summarize, in 50 words, what they would do with Google Glass, a hands-free, smartphone-like device worn like a set of glasses. The company offered the opportunity to try a pre-release version of Glass as a prize for the best responses.

Andria Waclawski, creative services lead with the Office of the Vice President for Research, entered the contest, posting 18 words on Twitter.

“#ifIhadglass I’d give people an inside look at some of the coolest research happening at the University of Minnesota”

With that, Waclawski became a Glass Explorer, a member of the first group to test the technology in real-world applications (Google has not yet announced a public release date). Using Glass’s built-in camera, she has captured the ways U of M researchers are improving our lives, our health and our understanding of the world around us.

Waclawski’s photos, videos and descriptions of research take a first-person, up-close view of research in action. To date, her Glass adventures include inspecting a hive of 100,000 honey bees on the roof of the Weisman Art Museum, seeing breakthroughs in smart clothing design the U’s Wearable Technology Lab and trekking the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve, where scientists, artists and musicians collaborated on original compositions made from natural sounds to promote conservation awareness.

Through Glass, Waclawski continues to share stories about discoveries at the U and the talented innovators behind them. Stay tuned for more explorations into university research.